Business meetings in Menorca

At Son Granot we know the business world very well, its challenges, its needs and the meaning of words such as globalisation and multicultural.

It's a perfect place to develop work projects together and consolidate teams. Productivity is high thanks to its special characteristics together with an atmosphere of enviable privacy.

Different from conventional hotels where a business meeting is just another activity within the hotel, in Son Granot your meeting or convention will be the only event. The place and atmosphere, together with its privacy, warmth and isolation, offer characteristics fundamental to achieving a high level of productivity, both mental and social.

Getting away from the everyday, workplace atmosphere is always an incentive for intellectual, creative and social development. Minorca is the ideal place for this due to its singular and congenial characteristics, also offering good communications with mainland Spain and the rest of Europe.

We have everything necessary for today's working needs, be it multiconference telephones, internet, wi-fi, video projection, blackboards, work panels or anything else typically essential in today's workplace. All this permits Son Granot to be another office for your company. We are currently installing services for videoconferences.

As ever, Son Granot offers something more. Our grounds and harmonious atmosphere permit multiple activities, not just purely work orientated ones. This offers unique opportunities for team bonding exercises.

We can arrange the day to suit your requirements, from breakfasts, coffee breaks, working lunches, formal or informal dinners and much more. We can help assess and organise the complementary activities for team building projects. We can also arrange transport to and from the airport or any other special requirement you may have.

Some groups may come accompanied by their partners and this case we can organise parallel activities such as cultural visits, excursions to places of natural interest, horse riding or any other of the activities typical to Minorcan.

Many people have already seen how we work in Son Granot, from scientists to businessmen, from politicians to company directors, from strategists to planners, from creative groups to project groups.

Son Granot offers the ideal venue for businesses to hold management meetings and councils, always with the highest level of discretion and privacy.