Dating friends in Menorca

You haven't seen each other for ages, in the past you have shared unforgettable moments and experiences, there are no secrets between you. Now you are living in a world of obligations ever more demanding, your work is absorbing and leaves little time for anything else.

You may have moved house, gone to live in a different town, country or continent. Sometimes, even though you live close by, your busy lifestyles never seem to offer an opportunity to get together and relax in peace and quiet.

Every day our world becomes more globalised, frenetic and very different from how it used to be.

Sometimes you realise that it's about time that you found time to meet up again and relive those great moments of your friendship.

At Son Granot you have the perfect excuse to do just that, to spend a few days together just like you used to, with no hurry and enjoying every moment.

Here, everything conspires to accommodate that desire, marvellous Minorca, its secret places, its transparency, its warmth. Son Granot offers an ideal framework to share some quality time with old friends in a unique ambience and to make the experience unforgettable.

We want you to feel comfortable, offering whatever it is that you most enjoy, or perhaps what most defines you. Maybe it's a certain piece of music, some particular flowers, a favourite film, a dinner, a certain wine or champagne or whatever else it is that has a special meaning for you and your friends.

We are more than delighted to be part of a reunion that helps you to relive your great friendship as it always has been.